Learn How You Can Stay Alive and Become the Winner in PUBG

 Are you dying the moment you land in PUBG? Is the game becoming a survival nightmare for you? Are you in need of some expert help?

If you want to learn some key secrets in how to survive in PUBG, you are in the right place. Here, you will find few strategies that will enable you to survive longer, and hopefully become a winner.

Want a shortcut for survival? Go with a PUBG ESP.

An ESP can let you see every enemy all the time – usernames of all of them will become visible even through walls, thereby disclosing their locations. Thus, you get to know where they are and can avoid or eliminate them.

The following are some ways in which you can survive till the end without an ESP:

  1. Land as fast as possible

When diving from the plane, your primary aim will be to land as fast as possible and beat the others. Aiming at a landing zone by pressing the ‘W’ button (PC) will help in increasing your speed to more than 230 km/hr.

Moreover, following a HALO method, i.e. opening the parachute when closer to the ground, you can further reach the ground faster.

  1. Always drop beside buildings

Buildings hold loots and aiming for them is the smartest thing to do. Moreover, make sure that you are the only one on the way to it.

Avoid open spaces and fields as you won’t find any loot and will be more susceptible to being killed.

Learn the locations beforehand and choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

  1. Don’t spend much time in the open

Even if you are armed, hanging in open spaces can be the reason for your imminent death. When you have no option other than going in the open, plan your sprints cautiously. Use trees and other objects to take cover and move continuously.

Still getting killed? Maybe it’s time you took help of a PUBG ESP.

  1. Use caution while hiding in a bush

Bushes provide minimal cover and enemies can spot you when you don’t don a camo. On the other hand, when close to a bush, use caution to approach it as an enemy with a camo can eliminate you instantly.

  1. Avoid shooting enemies far away

One of the easiest ways to die in pubg esp hack is by shooting an enemy that is too far away. When you shoot such an enemy, you expose yourself and thereby invite others to eliminate you.

After spotting an enemy at a far distant, it is recommended to use stealth and caution for a successful kill.

  1. Learn the intricacies of the circle

The damage that you take when outside a circle increases with its number – if you are outside the final, you will die within a few seconds. Contrary to that, when outside the first circle, you can use med-kits to recover your damage.

Follow these rules with respect, and you will survive the longest and also become the champion. If still unable to win, use a PUBG ESP.  read more about PUBG hacks to get the knowledge that you need.